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Brenda & Anderson

One of the world’s top international Brazilian Zouk artists (read more)

Camilla & William

They strive to guide their students towards mastery of dance (read more)

Olga & Fernando

The Zouk Atoms, embarked on a mission to elevate the art of social dancing (read more)

Brenda & Anderson

One of the world’s top international Brazilian Zouk artists from São Paulo, Brazil. Many of us watch in awe how these two skillful artists can be so connected by body, mind & soul through the flow of music. Behind their beautiful movements & expressions lies layer-upon-layer of dance technicality that allows their deep connection philosophy to flow like blood through the body. 


Anderson and Brenda's unique way of dancing is based on several physical and philosophic concepts that creates an opportunity for anybody at any level, to have deep and transformative connection experiences through dance.


Along these 10 years of partnership, one of the concepts they went deeper since the beginning is connection. First of all, elements to have a better communication of lead and follow, physically and mechanically, and later on, they dive deep into elements of emotional and energy connection, including vulnerability, mindfulness, tantra and other elements into their studies.

Camilla & William

Born from divergent backgrounds in martial arts and Brazilian Zouk, William and Camilla have found common ground in their shared love for dance, transforming their passion into an inspiring teaching partnership. The fusion of their unique approaches to dance creates a distinct and profound teaching style that resonates across the globe.

Virginia-native, William's early journey in martial arts instilled a dedication to discipline, hard work, and the art of teaching. Nurturing his love for progress and growth, he found his calling in Brazilian Zouk for its emphasis on connection, presence, and body awareness. Camilla, hailing from Porto Alegre, Brazil, deepened her studies by exploring the concept of energy flow within the body, developing a sensation-based, empathic approach to Brazilian Zouk, focusing on the ability to interact and communicate non-verbally towards genuine connections through dance.

United by a shared philosophy, William and Camilla believe that dance is more than the movements—it's about how those movements are executed. They strive to guide their students towards mastery of dance, helping them achieve a state of presence and authenticity on the dance floor. They are committed to offering students the tools and techniques to become not just dancers, but skilled practitioners of their craft.

Olga & Fernando

Fernando and Olga embarked on the mission of Zouk Atoms: To elevate the art of social dancing and ignite the natural flow of movement. In a dance world where memorized sequences often dominate, Zouk Atoms brings dancers back to the present moment. Leaders explore real-time possibilities, combining creativity and intuition, while followers focus on refining their technique and readying themselves to move gracefully in any direction. 

Fernando, from Madrid, embarked on his dance journey after encountering the mesmerizing world of Zouk in 2008 under the guidance of Junior Carvalho in Bremen. His life revolved around dance, teaching, and traveling until the unexpected pause brought by Covid, during which he realized the profound value of his ten years of teaching experience and created the Zouk Atoms method for learning Brazilian zouk.

Olga, on the other hand, has a dance story rooted in the traditional Russian folk dance, which she began at the age of 5. However, it was during her university days that she crossed paths with the captivating realm of couple dances. Her heart first swayed to the rhythm of Kizomba and later found its true beat in Zouk. Olga, now a dedicated teacher, brings a keen eye to her classes, observing and fine-tuning every detail.



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